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Organise Your Perfect Trip To France

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

France is home to some of the best art, shopping experiences, food and much more in the world.

This blog will give you some general tips and advice to help you plan your visit to France.

Eiffel Tower


Make sure you have the required documentation. Whether it is your passport or ID card and visitors from non EU countries may need a visa so check before booking or travelling. If your country is not listed here you may need to get a visa.

Plan in advance

Many people think France is expensive, but it’s all about planning. If you know how to plan your holiday, you will discover the tricks and tactics to make your holiday fit your pocket.


If you do not know please note that City tax, also sometimes called tourist tax ("taxe de sejour" in French) is compulsory: it applies to everybody (except for children younger than 13) and is collected by the owner of the accommodation. Tourist tax is intended to contribute to the development and promotion of tourism by allowing French cities/towns, to finance costs linked to tourist arrivals or to the protection of their natural areas. Other European countries have also taken the decision to apply a tourist tax. The amount of city tax varies according to the accommodation classification and the town.

Learn simple phrases

You do not need to enrol yourself in a French language course, but these simple phrases might come in handy.

· Bonjour – Hello

· Merci – Thank you!

· Oui – Yes

· Pardon – Excuse Me

· S’il vous plait – Please

· Au Revoir – Goodbye

· Je ne parle pas francais – I don’t speak French.

· En anglais, s’il vous plait – In English, please?

Money Money Money

France uses Euros so make sure your money has been changed. Did you know that changing at the airport does not give you a good rate of exchange? Therefore, exchange your money before leaving.

Be inspired

Get inspired with the surrounding of where you are going. Social media and the internet are a great source for what to do and where to go.


Another tip is to research on the accommodation of where you will be staying. There are so many ways to do this. The internet will give you a lot of information on your chosen place, see what people are saying about the place you wish to stay.

What time of year are you planning on visiting France?

There are several factors that can stir your choice of when to visit. It might be money/costs or even time. Planning your trip in advance will help you find bargains. Look at your calendar and how much you're willing to spend and see what deals are out there.

Try authentic French cuisines.

France is rich in so many foods to try. Do not stick to what you know - try something new!

Do you have any other tips to add? Please feel free to comment.

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