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Prunes are a super food

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Immaculate Chateau is in the centre of the plum growing region.

Did you know?

· French prune sales: 42,000 tonnes

· France: 70 %

· Export: 30 %

· Sales turnover: 119 million euros

· Total production area in France: 11,500 hectares

· Average orchard / farm size: 10 hectares

· Agricultural turnover 94 million euros on average

(Le Pruneau d’Agen, www.pruneau.fr/key-figures.html )

Prunes export and import
Key facts and figures for processing

Some of the benefits of prunes

Helps digestion: Prunes are high in fibre, which helps prevent haemorrhoids that are brought on by constipation. Prune juice acts as a laxative due to its high sorbitol content. Please seek medical guidance if you or your child are able to take this on.

High in potassium: The mineral helps with the following; digestion, heart rhythm, nerve impulses, muscle contractions, as well as blood pressure. Since the body does not naturally produce potassium, consuming prunes can assist you to avoid deficiencies, just be watchful on how much you are eating.

High in vitamins

Provides a good source of iron: Prune juice is a great source of iron and can help prevent and treat iron deficiency. Anaemia for instance, occurs when the body doesn’t have enough healthy red blood cells, which iron helps to make.

Lowers blood pressure: Research has shown that eating prunes and drinking prune juice can significantly reduce blood pressure.

Helps reduce appetite: Prunes can help you manage your weight. When consumed, they make you feel full for longer. Prunes contain lots of fibre, which is slow to digest. Slower digestion means your appetite stays satisfied for longer. If you’re on a diet to lose weight, you may want to consider adding prunes to your diet.

Adding more prunes to your diet

Prunes come with a large number of health benefits and offers needed nutrients. Some easy ways to add prunes to your diet include:

> Eat them alone as a snack

> Add prunes to your breakfast

> Add them to baked goods

> Blend them or use prune juice for drinks or smoothies

If you have any more, please feel free to add them in the comment section.

Adding prunes to your diet can be easier than you think. For best results, make sure that you slowly increase your fibre intake and drink a lot of water.

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