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What to do in the area

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

There are so many wonderful things to do and explore near Immaculate Chateau. Whether you want to stay within our grounds or sightsee the choice is totally yours.

If you choose to take some time out and unwind, you have the option to familiarise yourself with the neighbouring vineyards, some even offer wine tasting or The baths of Casteljaloux. This gorgeous spa offers amazing massages, Jacuzzi, pool facilities and much more.

If you fancy taking a stroll, walking routes are available at the tourist information. There are between 500-700 ‘Bastides’ Medieval, Planned Towns and Villages in France (dependent on definition), which comprise of the largest collections of well-preserved medieval townscapes to be found in Europe. The majority were built between the 1200-1400 centuries, with the largest concentration being in the Lot et Garonne. They were built when France was a frontier region, belonging partly to France and partly to the Kings of England. Some of the more famous, best preserved or most attractive towns are nearby and well worth a visit: Lot et Garonne - Monflanquin, Montpezat, Villereal, Vianne, Penne-D’Agenais and Puymirol, Dordogne - Eyment and Monpazier.

About 4km away, you will find Montpezat. A small village situated on top of a hill with fantastic, panoramic views and an old windmill. Snacks bar and trial with information of the local history, wildlife and more. 2.5 hectares of garden pools and natural sources are just a short walk from Immaculate Chateau. You will also find a shop and restaurant perfect for taking a break and reflecting on the beauty of the gardens.

There are also many places where you can indulge your hobbies. If you love to fish, please see the fishing guide.

If you are feeling active, you can have a friendly or competitive game of Croquet on the lawn, have a go at Boules or have a ride on our bikes around miles of tarmac cycling routes for you to enjoy. Nautilius BKS which is 4.5km offers Canoes, Kayaks, SUP, Hydroplane, Motorboat and Padelo to hire if you would like more adventures.

For the Tennis lovers, there is a Tennis court in the village or if you are into Golf, just 18km from the Chateau you will find Golf grounds. You can even play 9 holes for €18.

Aqua Fun Park is a unique water activity park set on lake Clarens in Castlejaloux. This is about 46km from the Chateau. It is a great place to take the kids and there is a lot of shade perfect for a picnic. You could also try something that is for all ages at Walibi Amusement Park from roller coasters to other shows.

Food and restaurants

There are different restaurants to choose from. If you fancy dining out, here are a few recommendations that we have tried and tested.

La Cagouille, restaurant-lacagouille.fr

The Commanderie, www.restaurant-la-commanderie.fr

Au Bord de ka Source, www.auborddelasource.com

The Panorama, www.lesrivesduplantie.com

Cafe du Commerce,

On the other hand, if you prefer to dine in privacy then why not take advantage of the extra service of a private chef. Whether you would like lunch or dinner served. Alicia can offer you a personal chef service. Check out our menu here.

When you book your trip to stay at this luxury French Chateau, be rest assured that there is something to do that is fit for any individual or to suit the whole group. Immaculate Chateau is in the perfect location for various activities.

Click here for more information of things to do around Immaculate Chateau.

We have a welcome pack that also highlights more activities that you may be interested in.

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